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Hi there I love the outdoors and growing food. I am a high school teacher with experience in Steiner education and am currently in Northern NSW. I enjoying learning more about organic, biodynamic and permaculture production and living. I love to grow food, surf, cycle, bush walk, camp, sit by a fire, read, meditate and cook.

I recently spent two months in Taiwan where I was a wwoofer on numerous properties. My daily goal is to tread gently on the earth. I enjoy meeting people, being inspired by others and learning new skills. I love spending time with my family. One day I hope to have a small piece of land where I can live simply in community with others. Thanks

Why I joined WWOOF

To explore WWOOFing properties in Australia. To support the WWOOFing community. To meet like minded folk. To learn new skills of growing food, animal husbandry, organic, biodynamic and permaculture systems.

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Jane Beattie

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