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We have 120 acres 50 hectares located in the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland. Our nearest town is Kenilworth about 5 km away. We have beef cattle and an organic veggie garden and fruit orchard.

There are three families living on the farm. We are the parents and our sons and their wives and children live here also in our own homes.

We need help maintaining the gardens and building new garden/orchard areas, and some help with moving the cows and working on the cattle yards and fences upkeep. The sleeping arrangements can be tent and/camper trailers in close proximity to the cottage with the bathroom.

We have a swimming pool and a dam to swim in, although I much prefer the pool! Our son is a competitive sports shooter and safety officer at the local gun range. Occasionally we shoot the feral deer on our property to eat although I don’t like the taste of Venison, everyone else enjoys eating it!

Cheers Susan

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We love to meet new people and experience different cultures and live styles. The farming experience is a great lifestyle for us and our children and grandchildren. Occasionally we need a bit of help keeping up with everything to do on the farm so we believe we are a perfect fit for the WWOOFer program.



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