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Hej! My name is Jakob and I come from a small town called Örebro in Sweden. For the following months I will be working/travelling my way through, what I’ve heard, your beautiful country. In my previous years I’ve been interrailing through most of Europe, working as a ski-guide in Italy’s amazing alps. But now my head turns towards new adventures, which brings me to you. Back home in Sweden I´ve tried out various occupations. I have been working with kids at pre-school, tried out to be a waiter, did a couple of nights as a boule-guide but most of the time I’ve been working as an electrician. I would say that I am an outgoing and stubborn guy, always trying to challenge myself to do new things. Which is pretty much why I have joined this membership to begin with. With other words, I don’t know much, or nothing, about farms or how that lifestyle works. But I am eager to learn and would consider it an honor if you’d have me.

Why I joined WWOOF

I joined WWOOF because I literally know nothing about farms or the process, and I would really like to help out to build this sustainable global community. I also joined because I find it a good source to a bed and food while travelling through Australia in exchange for work.

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