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My name is Jake I am a 27 year old Aussie. For the past 7 years I have travelled around the world managing cocktail bars in Melbourne, Copenhagen and Auckland. In my personal life I am a Shiva yoga practitioner with strong values and emphasis on using this life for growth and spiritual understanding.

I have a very playful nature and love meeting new people and trying new things, Although I take life seriously I am definitely not a serious person. Since COVID I have been living in my car back in Australia, travelling the east coast working and volunteering in different farms.

I have also since completed my permaculture design certificate and have a new found passion for regenerative farming. I am super keen to continue this beautiful lifestyle into the new year learning new skills and meeting new people. Peace and love,

Why I joined WWOOF

Because of great feedback from friends that have WWOOFed. So I am very interested to see what is available in the northern rivers region for small community style setups or family run property’s in the regenerative farming arena.

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Jacob Robinson

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