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Hi, I’m Jack. I grew up on a small dairy farm Somerset UK, I chose to study arboriculture after school and have been working as an climbing arborist for the last 10 years. I have worked in Sweden, Norway NZ, AUD and UK. It’s a great job an I really enjoy conservation and fine pruning and production pruning of trees.

I have good knowledge in tree care, gardening practices, pest diseases and have grown up working with pigs, sheep, cows and poultry. Good knowledge of animal care and practice skills in handling animals. I have a strong work ethic and morals I like to complete a task to high standard. I enjoy learning about what I am doing and why it’s important.

I enjoy the challenge of finding new and more productive ways of completing task. I love to be creative I enjoy music drawing and building things. I play guitar and enjoy walks in nature surfing healthy diet and cooking!

Why I joined WWOOF

I love working with trees but think I may want to branch out (pun intentional) and learn more about permaculture, market gardening, organic farming, soil science, micro biology mixology.

I hope to meet people with similar interests and work as part of a team for a collective cause. I hope to learn new skills about organic practices. I want to work for people who have passion for what they are doing.

I have dreams of working or being part of market garden or have a small organic garden of my own one day hope for inspiration and maybe create a vision for myself in the future.

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