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I am a 29yo female Aussie. I am an avid foodie, loving all things food from seed to table. I have a degree in food science and have been running an organically grown market garden for the last year. I am always keen to learn from others and love a challenge. I am passionate, independent and strong willed and an excellent problem solver. I am expressive and do tend to get frustrated if things aren’t being done as efficiently as possible – hopefully that’s a positive for you having fresh eyes! I am travelling with my 2 yo Labrador named Juni – so it would be essential that she is welcome on your farm. We are travelling with accommodation if required (rooftop tent and annexe) and she is okay with being tethered.

Why I joined WWOOF

Ive joined WWOOF to be able to see some of Australia while international borders are closed. I’d like to help out small scale producers while being able to see some of the less travelled areas of Australia. I want to primarily learn new skills and help you out as well as potentially teaching you something as well – imagine learning about preserving from a food scientist perspective!

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Brittany Ellen Jacka

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