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I’m Isis, nice to meet you!

I’m 21 and i am from a town named Toulouse in the South West of France. I’ve lived there all my life but don’t be mistaken i am half Irish so my English is pretty good and i like the colour green a bit too much!

I just finished my degree in Geology and Environmental Sciences this year. After these three intense years of study i decided i wanted to live something different. I’ve always been a little obsessed with Australia so when i saw i could go and live there for a year i just had to do it!

I’m an environmentalist and i try to live as sustainably as possible, i eat mostly vegan, i try and be as zero waste as i can, i volonteer in lots of environmental related projects. It is really important for me and i try to be the best i can in this matter. So if you are interested in this type of subject i woud be very happy to qhare my knowledge 🙂

Otherwise i’m very much interessted in everything that’s around me. I’m very curious (i guess that’s why i decided to study sciences…) and i love learning new stuff and having interesting conversations.

I’m always in for a good laugh, a nice walk anywhere with plants or the sea around, or just have a quiet moment reading a book.

I really hope we can meet soon!


Why I joined WWOOF

So i couldn’t imagine myself travelling across Australia without a goal. I’ve always wanted to learn more about permaculture and organic agriculture so it seemed pretty obvious to me that i should join the Wwoofing community!

I am really looking forward to this experience and can’t wait to help out and to learn!

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