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I’m a 20 years old Dutchie currently studying in New Zealand. I’m quite energetic and always up for an adventure. I’m majoring in biomedical sciences and I’m active in the environmental movement in my free time. I love to go on camping and tramping trips with my friends, enjoy a good sunset, share stories and play games. I’m really interested in creative ways of living sustainably and living in symbiosis with the world around us. I enjoy being part of a community where like minded people get to share thoughts, get inspired and have a good time together. During summer, I will travel through Australia where I hope to do some wwoofing and learn all about permaculture while being surrounded by beautiful nature.

Why I joined WWOOF

I hope to learn about permaculture practices – the philosophy behind it as well as the practical aspects of it. I believe that having knowledge about growing and harvesting food in a sustainable way is essential, especially considering the climate crisis. On top of that, I’m fascinated by plants and how they interact with each other and the rest of the environment. I would love to see and grow to unerstand how this works in practice.

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