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I’m a woman, 48 years old, married, two children 7 and 11 years old. I’m planning to travel with all my family to Australia to work as a volunteer on an organic farm during 3 months from October 2021 from January 2022….My interest in permaculture was sparked now that we have a new house with a huge garden and a desire to grow and produce as much of our food needs ourselves. I’ m a social worker, and a case manager from switzerland, french part. I work with people who have slight mental disabilities and help them with their daily life.

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I joined WWOOF to learn how gardening permaculture and organic plantations… I want to be able to be the most self sufficient as possible…. and be creative on a systemic way… to be volunteering on an different country and approach a different culture is really exciting for me… my children would also perfect their english and open their minds to another way of life…. my husband can also work as a dj in the local psytrance scene, which is his job… we can experience a wonderful adventure together and evolve as human beings, sharing our knowledge and our energy

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Ingrid Braff Besson

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