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Murray McKinley

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    Commercial Farm

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    We are a farm of 136 acres on the edge of Easter National Park, 30 Kms from the lovely town of Nannup in the South West of Western Australia. We produce marron (freshwater crayfish) for sale in local and international markets. We are building infrastructure for future dairy goat heard and pigs, with practice goats Dolly and Vincent van Goat, pigs Virginia Wolf and Richard the begins of this development.

    Current projects being worked on are farm regeneration and erosion control, tree planting, marron purge and chiller tanks, bio-filter. Also, need help building and developing orchards and gardens, the construction of animal and haysheds and building portable shelters and fences to move livestock (pigs, goats and chooks) on pasture between our swales.

    Honey is also something we would like to produce and we have currently 2 hives. We are working towards self-sufficiency with vegetable gardens and fruit trees, including new panting of olives, avocado and nut trees.

    We love having WWOOFers so email us now to set up a visit.

    Organic/Biological methods we use

    We are a permaculture farm and our philosophy is the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient, we people, farming and the environment co-exist. Permaculture uses design principles focusing on whole systems thinking simulating or directly utilising patterns and resilience of natural ecosystems.  We work with nature rather than against it and use plants and animals for all their functions in an integrated approach rather than in insolation as typically seen in traditional farming monoculture systems.

    Skills WWOOFers can learn here

    Organic practices & techniques, Permaculture design practices & techniques, Gardening, Composting, Propagating, Pruning, Soil conservation, Mulching, Wild Food Foraging, Worm farming, Beekeeping, Animal care, Mechanical, Using & caring for tools, Building, Fencing, Handyman, Bread making, Fermenting foods, Preserving & processing food, Marketing produce

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    Murray McKinley

    Partners Name

    Kathryn McKinley



    The Stay

    Preferred length of Stay

    Whatever suits


    In Our Home, Separate Building

    Other options

    Non-Smoking, No Smoking Inside, Children allowed by arrangement

    Meal Procedures

    Eat together, Share cooking

    Languages spoken


    Why I became a WWOOF Host

    To meet people and to pass on our knowledge of organic farming and permaculture.



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