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We are two 20 year old girls, Ida and Caroline. We are both from Denmark and have known each other for 3 years now. We both love sports, being outdoors and travelling. We are easy-going girls who easily adapts when it comes to work and staying in a different country. We just finished our 13th year of school and this year we’re travelling and working during our gap year before we go back to Denmark to study further.


Hi, I’m Ida. I’m an easy-going girl who loves to see new places and meet new people. I value quality time with family and friends. I love to play team sports and have played Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer and Handball. I’ve worked as a cashier at a local supermarket when I was fifteen and then i’ve worked in a bakery from I was seventeen until now (20 years old). I was an exchange student in Wyoming, USA 2015-2016. I went to highschool and lived with a wonderful host family. My host family lived on a ranch with cattle and I tried helping out with small tasks like fencing and moving cows. I’ve traveled to different countries around Europe for vacation and I love experiencing new cultures.


Hi, I’m Caroline. I’m an open minded girl who enjoys travelling and experiencing new things. I love spending time with my family and friends. I have worked as a waitress at a restaurant and I have worked as a babysitter. I enjoy playing sports and I have played soccer for many years. I have attended a boarding school in Denmark from 2015-2016, were I have lived with a 150 other young people. Where we learned to live with each other despite differences between us and we became more independent as well. I have travelled a lot around the world and I have lived in China for three years with my family. I have therefore experienced many different cultures which I find very educational.


We’re so excited to get started with work. We look forward to lending a helping hand around the farm and getting to know you!

Why I joined WWOOF

We both joined WWOOF because we want to see and experience Australia. We want to see all the beautiful sights and wonders Australia has to offer, however, we both believe that the best way to actually experience a country and its culture, is to put yourself in the midst of everything; the society/community, the working environment and the everyday life. And what better way to do that, than living with on a host farm and experience Australia hands on.

We hope to challenge ourselves to become more independent. We wish to achieve knowledge of how local farmers live and work on a daily basis and of why and how agriculture is so important.

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Ida Stub Clausen

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Caroline Krarup Andreasen



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