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Hello. I’m Honami Murayama. I grew up in Niigata Japan and live in Kyoto for university.
I major in social marketing. I like playing the piano, watching Netflix, doing Yosakoi dance (one of Japanese local dances), going around Kyoto by bicycle and traveling.
I have 5 members of family, father, mother, older sister and younger sister. My younger sister goes to university in Queensland from May 2022.
I’ve been to Australia, New Zealand and Italy. I visited Innisfail QLD Australia 6 years ago.
Everything was new to me and people were so nice to me. Australia is my first-visit foreign country and is really special for me.
I’m interested in beautiful sea, vast land, people, animals and the life itself.
I can speak English for daily conversation. I try to talk with my sister in English to improve my speaking level. Before going to Australia I’ll study English and I’d like to talk with you a lot!


I’d like to stay from the last of August to the beginning of September for about 3 weeks.

Why I joined WWOOF

I’d like to experience sharing or be shared life with various people. I’m really interested in how people in different culture and environment. I’ve experience homestay for 5 times and I enjoyed different lifestyles and the way they think.
Speaking of agriculture, I’m a little familiar with farming actually because both of my grandparents are farmers (rice and vegetables) and my father grows some vegetables for my family. When I was a child, I was often brought to a rice field and help them. I don’t have much knowledge of farming nor don’t have enough technical skills of agriculture or farming, but I’d like to how it’s like the life with farming in Australia.

Furthermore, I’d like to get in touch with nature in Australia. I love the nature in Australia but especially I can’t forget the beautiful sunrise and sunset I saw 6 years ago in Australia. I think farming is one of the best opportunities to experience the nature.
I think farming in a foreign country is a little difficult but I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful and priceless experience for me.

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