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I’m an 18yr old female from Western Australia, currently embarking on a six month backpacking journey through the East Coast of Australia and on to New Zealand! I’m an outgoing, energetic and enthusiastic gal whose keen to learn some new skills while backpacking. I’m super easy going and open to pretty much anything, definitely more of an early riser than a party person though! I’m known as the “mum” of my friend group, although I’m currently travelling travelling solo! I I’m super interested in learning about permaculture and sustainable farming! I’m used to early starts as I worked in a bakery usually starting at six in the morning or sometimes as early as 3am!

Why I joined WWOOF

I joined wwoof as it was recommended by me by a couple of different people and once I researched it I loved the idea! I’m really interested in learning about farming and keen to pick up some new skills all while backpacking so it seemed like a perfect fit for me!

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Holly Keightley

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