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I am Indian by Birth. I am currently living in Sydney from past one year.I did work in Singapore for couple of years before relocating to Sydney.I grew up in small village in India amidst lush green forests/waterfalls.My grandparents/parents were involved in farming.I used to enjoy working in farm taking care of all the vegetation as well as animals.In pursuit of higher education as well to improve financial situation of my family I had to move to city. Got good education/decent job and I did end up working in IT Industry for many years. In all these years, with my work I was able to provide much needed financial security/stability to my family.I believe now its the time for me to pursue my passions/interests in life.

Why I joined WWOOF

Living simple life close to nature has been my dream always.I have immense respect to nature and her creations. I believe in plant based diet.I do love taking care of animals. I am planning to take break from my work and want to slowly/steadily work towards living simple/conscious life by learning/developing/utilizing my skills in selfless service.My long term plan is to have my own organic farm one day( 5-6 years down the line).I am physically fit person in my early 30s. I believe I have the passion/willingness/dedication/focus as well as patience to learn and do any activities to my best abilities.I treat people with respect and always try to understand the situation/circumstances and believe in responding than reacting immediately.I am here to do my little part with passion/compassion/dedication in this journey called life. I can be reachable by: Email : Contact(Mobile/WhatsApp) : +61 427383161

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