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I am looking to spend more time outdoors with friends exploring more sustainable and fulfilling ways of working and living. I want to escape the contained, separated-from-anything-living conditions of my NYC lab for the farm to live and work in accordance with the land and weather.

This will be my first WWOOF! I’ve volunteered at a tree seedling nursery and made clay ovens but the bulk of my outdoors work has been free labor for my mom lifting heavy things and other miscellaneous summer projects. I come in high spirits willing to do hard work in an effort to help build and live in a beautiful place.

I love to play soccer, spend nights playing cards and if I’m in a place where I can be at the beach to surf that’s awesome. After graduating college with a biochemistry degree, I’ve spent less time reading science textbooks and instead been enthralled by literature. I have a lot to catch up on and hope to spend nights at the farm doing so.


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Farming has been a recent source of inspiration for me: I was spoilt growing up in the tropics with mangos and papaya and passion fruit. And the lifestyle that accompanies living in a warm climate, like playing soccer all the time, is distinct from many American ways of living. I graduated college with the intention of pursuing a medical degree and advocating lifestyle (food, activities, habits) as medicine. Unfortunately, I ended up in a laboratory in New York City appalled by its unsustainability in a time of dire climate intervention.

I’m imagining farming to be a very rewarding experience; a daily reminder of where I’m from and as guidance towards the next step. I spent a lot of time playing soccer and working out hoping to be a pro! growing up and I would like to dedicate that same energy towards farm work.

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