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Greetings my name is Hayden. I’m a very easy going, open minded guy who was born in Karratha and grew up in the hills out of Perth. I have gotten back to Australia in December after traveling for 13 months and got caught up in India when the Covid stuff happened so I’m full of interesting dinner stories of trying to get home.

I have worked many jobs and would like to always learn more and more. I have experience in earth moving machinery like diggers, loaders, bobcats/ skidsteers, rollers etc and I also have a Heavy Rigid license. I have experience in construction, most recently in straw bale/ clay house in Wales.

I love working with animals and farm labor, worked on tree nursery and food forests, landscaping, fruit picking. I’m very artistic and love surfing and playing music. I’m interested in permaculture/ regenerative agriculture and self sufficient practices. I’m always creating something in one form or another and love learning from people from all walks of life. Might call myself bit of a jack of all trades and master of none.


Why I joined WWOOF

My dream is to start a self sufficient commune ideally based in the far South West one day, and so in the meantime I wish to learn what I can from those who have already paved the road.

I’ve spent lots of time in different communes in WA and overseas learning more from those that don’t work well. Most importantly I want to learn regenerative practices in Australian specifically improving soil and native flora regeneration so I can improve neglected land one day. I also want more experience with farming animals particularly sheep and cattle and how we can use them to improve the land.

I get very inspired working on regenerative properties and I love traveling so WWOOFING is a no brainer for me. I hope to meet you and learn from you, but more importantly that I can be of any help. Cheers.

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