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We are an Australian-German couple in our mid thirties, currently taking a break from our careers in financial investigation and international development to expand our horizons.

One thing I have developed a particular passion for during the last couple of years is growing plants and observing how they best thrive. As a geographer I am very interested in the natural environment, human interaction with the planet and sustainable development. When it comes to farming practices my biggest interest is in organic and natural, low input growing/farming techniques, regeneration and working with nature’s own resources, such as growing the right plants in the right location, plant communities, useful insects and other animals etc. Permaculture has caught my particular interest as a concept, therefore ideally am keen to spend time on permaculture and / or organic farms.

Having lived in large cities most of my life, I’d also like to get a feeling for living in the country side if possible. Rohan and I would love to experience this together. We enjoy traveling, cooking, good food, horse back riding, yoga, cycling, reading, sailing, snorkelling … and meeting new people!

Why I joined WWOOF

To connect with people who already work with their land in sustainable ways and learn practical knowledge & techniques but also to see how life can look like living in the country side. Australia with it‘s unique flora and fauna and challenging climate conditions would be an amazing place to learn more about growing practices.

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