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Hi! I’m Hannah, an enthusiastic and friendly food and produce lover from way back. I’m originally from Perth, but have lived in Melbourne for 10 years, give or take.

I’ve traveled a lot in that time, overseas many times and also living in my van in Australia. Sadly, I don’t have my van anymore but I look forward to building up a new one and getting back to the simple life next year. This year has been great inspiration to get moving again.

My Dad’s parents were cattle farmers in regional WA and the family history led him to move us to a hobby farm where we amassed a large animal family, with chickens, geese, a cow, sheep, a goat, cats, dogs, fish, birds birds birds and a pig for a minute. It was a semi rural upbringing which I’ve missed so much since living inner city.

I am accustomed to hard work and appreciate the feeling in my bones of having put a lot of labour into the day.

Why I joined WWOOF

I’m hoping to connect with people who are living differently to what I’ve been doing in Melbourne to get inspired to make more change in my life. I’d like to reconnect with my upbringing and family history and to work with my body.

I believe in cultural exchange as a great avenue for social growth and I care deeply about building community and sharing skills and knowledge.

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Hannah King

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