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Hanna Sophia Zaun

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    Personal Bio

    Dear Hosts, we are two young people at the age of 20 from Germany, Hanna Zaun and Elias Klein. We are living near Stuttgart, in small villages. We visited the Waldorf school in Pforzheim and passed our final exam in 2019. During this time we completed numerous internships, for example in a nursing home, by a veterinarian or at an organic farm. During the internship in a nursing home, we worked with high-maintenance people who needed responsible and reliable care. While a physically demanding agricultural internship, we were confronted with a wide variety of tasks that required quick comprehension in order to be able to work independently. But also we enjoyed working in a team during our internships. Elias Klein is interested in sports, for example: football, soccer and mountain biking. Also, he loves to do photography and films and to play Cello. Hanna Zaun likes to do sports, for example: to go to the gym, to do hiking or jogging in nature. She is also very interested in arts; she loves to draw and paint. We both like to do skilled manual work, to get to know other people and to work with them.

    Why I joined WWOOF

    Traveling to Australia was a childhood dream from both of us and before we will start studying we want to explore a new country. We have decided to join WWOOF because we like to work outdoor, being active and help other people. Besides we would like to work with animals. Also in Germany we like to be in nature and do also manual work, therefore we are very excited to discover the stunning nature of Australia, with its animals and plants. We enjoyed the time during our internship on the farm very much, this is one reason why we had the idea to join WWOOF. Besides we would like to improve our english speaking skills by working with natives. We want to be a great support for the farms and we hope that we can get to know the nature of Australia. Besides we want to learn the methods of organic farming in Australia.

    My Details


    Hanna Sophia Zaun

    Visa Type/Citizenship

    Working Holiday Visa

    Partners Name

    Elias Kaspar Klein





    Country of Origin


    States you want to Volunteer in

    New South Wales, Victoria


    Languages I speak

    German, English, French (basics)

    My Skills

    work independently, a general knowledge of farming work because of our internship, creativity, craftsmanship, a big willingness to learn new things, love of animals,

    Skills I would like to learn

    Organic Practices, Gardening, Propagating, Animal Care, Beekeeping, Fencing, Building, Natural building methods, Tool making, Dairy, Cheese making, Wild food foraging, Bread Making, Wine making


    All food


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