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    I am so glad  that I can meet you here。 My name is  Gong xinyi.19 year-old   sophomore at  Tianjin  Foreign Studies University, China.My major is Public Administration.There are two people together to apply this  voluntary. As for me, I am an so out-going person that I can get along with everybody。people always call me”a reliable girl”,So you can absolutely trust me and I will take my responsiblity.In my daily life, voluntary is always what I do,I usually go to Tianjin Station to direct  the way  for people there, so  the  staff will reduce stress. I also went to special schools and taught the children to draw and sing, So you can absolutely sure that you will meet a fun girl!          Travel is always what I love ,In my spare time, I always travel with my friends,why not?and I can deal with my life very well。In the daily life,I love dancing because it always make me so  comfortable and relaxed,Dancing  is also a good way to communicate.In addition to the above-mentioned , in my spare time I like playing badminton, listening to pop music and surfing the Internet. Playing badminton can exercise my body, let me have more perseverance. Listen to music can make me relax, make me more confident. Internet canenrich my knowledge, so that I have more experience.
    As for me,first ,the place where vast is always I love,and Australia  is absolutely the one I love。The  scenery,the people,the cultural there are so fantastic that attract me a lot!
    My name is wang shuying—— a sophomore majoring in administration in Tianjin Foreign Studies University.
    I like public welfare activities very much. I joined the youth volunteers association in our school and served as the deputy director of the publicity department. I have participated in many public welfare activities both inside and outside the school. Helping people in need will make me very happy. I went to the countryside of guangxi province in the last summer vacation to do volunteer teaching and other activities. Every public benefit will make me harvest a lot of happiness, meet a lot of new friends, open a new vision.
    In my childhood, I helped my grandparents who lived in the countryside to do farm work such as growing various vegetables. My grandfather likes growing flowers, and there are many potted plants in their garden. I often help him water flowers and weed, so I have a lot of experience in farm work. I am a hard-working and positive girl who is not afraid of hardship and fatigue. I just want to try harder to explore the wonderful world.
    I am an easygoing girl. I like outdoor activities, sports, challenges, new things and I have strong adaptability. I also like travelling very much. I have been to many places with my friends. I just went to the desert in the National Day holiday and it’s so cool~
    I look forward to meeting you, learning together, working together, and enjoying the happy farm life together!

    Why I joined WWOOF


    With plenty of time for summer and winter vacations ,   why not do more meaningful things instead of staying at home, sleeping and playing phone?

    Both of us are college students from TianjinForeign Studies University, China. We like doing public welfare activities very much. We have joined the youth volunteer association in the university, and we often participate in public welfare activities outside the school. However, we would like to go beyond the campus, or even beyond the country, to go to more different places to experience public welfare, explore more wonderful world. WWOOF can help us achieve a global public service experience.
    At present, we also love learning very much, but actually, we want to put what we learn in books into practice. WWOOF can let us experience the authentic spoken language and authentic culture.
    We are both very easygoing and outgoing people who love the outdoors, travel and challenge. Outdoor travel allows us to learn many new skills, gain new feelings andmeet new friends. I believe we can quickly adapt to the environment, get along well with the host, live together, study together, work together. We are also willing to learn new skills. WWOOF can give us a unique travel in Australia.As for me,first ,the place where vast is always I love,and Australia  is absolutely the one I love。The  scenery,the people,the cultural there are so fantastic that attract me a lot!  Second,I am lways  dream about the independent life,to  exprience  the   real life , to feel,to understand,to  enlighten  and realize the trust of life,the life in Australia will satisfy this demand。Last but not least,voluntary is always what my partner and I do.Not only in school but also everywhere that need.In the past year,my partner and I did a lot. When I help others,a sense of satisfy and achivement that I never experience will make me so happy.

    The experience of joining WWOOF may affect our whole life. In the process of giving love, we can integrate into the local area, perceive the cultural history of different places, make friends with like-minded people around the world, learn to be grateful for life, learn to be content with what we have, expand our vision and improve ourselves. So WWOOF, Here we come!

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    Gong Xinyi

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