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guilllemette parrical

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Passionnate about commodities supply chains and value, I have woked in bangladesh for a research program on the Jute fiber and have then joined Fairtrade in france as a Market manager. These last 2 years, based in Thailand, I have been in charge of Sustainability for a hospitality company, to improve the environmental and social impact of 9 resorts accross Asia. I will quit my job in january, and decide to learn, wonder and encounter interesting people in australia! 🙂 Personality: extraverty, very curious, and dynamic!

Why I joined WWOOF

I would like to take the opportunity of travel on australia to discover new ways if production and responsible value chain… I really do want to keep working in sustainability, responsible purchases and want to know more abt the alterntatives to conventional production. As a very social person, woofing seems the perfect match!

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guilllemette parrical

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Aust Capital Territory, New South Wales, Victoria


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