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I’ve been living offgrid for the past 7 yrs, also working in agriculture running my own quad the past 13, so defs someone who can handle some yakka ;). I have that up late 2021 to travel,  I have solar and hydro electricity knowledge, am handy mechanically, and fixing many things, even some panel n paint work (not professional but excellent backyard skills). Also worked with  livestock, horses, motorbikes and have always lived in a rural setting.

I have my own caravan and am travelling with my daughter and very well behaved doggo, who has grown up surrounded by world heritage rainforest cassowaries and wildlife etc, she doesn’t harm, also good with stock including chickens.  my 10yr old daughter is doing distance education atm, she’s very independent for her age, and very handy, I really don’t understand how there r so many profiles saying “no children”. We r travelling alone together and my 10yr old daughter is more switched on and helpful than a lot of adults I have met.  *edit May 22 my 17 ur old daughte has joined us and is also keen to work, she has some farming experience already.
We’re friendly and helpful, and really enjoy experiencing Mother Nature in all her spectacular forms.

I love to get Involved helping this year I’ve been doing some volunteer work at some music art and lifestyle festivals and really enjoying living a life free from working officially and travelling slowly soaking in all the best spots we have found and having time!!  There’s plenty more to tell please feel free to ask any questions 😀

Why I joined WWOOF

To experience Australia in an unique way leant some new skills, and hopefully share some!   I have a couple of friends with properties doing similar things and I really love to be involved in a community way, and meet new people and see new places. Bonus that I hate cooking and would rather come help on the farm than in the kitchen haha

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