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I am a girl of 18 and a half, I live in Arogno, a small town in southern Switzerland with my 15-year-old sister, my parents and my lovely dog. I attended high school until last year, but now I’m going to have new enriching experiences and learn English better. I am Italian mother tongue, but I speak fluent French, I did 5 years of English at school and 2 years of German. I have been a scout leader for several years and a WWF animator, I am passionate about nature and the mountains. I recently did some trekking in the Swiss Alps with the WWF. Next month I will be working in an alpine hut at 2200 meters above sea level. I like working with children and meeting people in general. Other passions are: drawing, writing, cycling, and animals. I am a sunny person who does not struggle to adapt to new situations and work does not scare me. I am a determined person and when something interests me I commit myself a lot.

Why I joined WWOOF

I am intrigued by the idea of being able to learn to travel the world to meet and meet new people, new realities, different ways of living, different thoughts and ideas. I want to learn to get by on my own, away from the safety of parents and home. I like WWOOF for its philosophy of ecology and sustainability, themes that are very close to my heart: at school I was part of the climate coordination committee, and I participated in some events to make our government aware. I like your organization, because it offers the possibility of a constructive exchange: a stay of non-profit experience in exchange for our help. I am convinced that it is an experience that everyone should be able to live. I met WWOOF thanks to a friend of my parents who in the past experienced the same experience in Australia and found it a must!



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