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Donna Hall

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    Granden Park

    Business Type

    Commercial Farm

    Farming methods


    Short Property Description

    Granden Park is located in the Chiltern Valley and is surrounded by the Mt Pilot National Park. We are located on just over 300 acres farming Sheep commercially and a few Goats, Chickens and Horses for fun. We also have dogs and a couple of alpacas. We have a young orchard, a bee hive and are currently establishing vegetable gardens and our house gardens. We have only lived in our home for just over a year.

    Full Property Description

    Granden Park is a commercial sheep breeding farm. We breed both Suffolk and White Suffolks. We also breed first-cross lambs and White Suffolk Rams. Our farm lambs once a year. Winter is our lambing time. We have a few Goats and Horses for fun. Our Goats kid in Autumn and Spring. We breed Chickens, hatching from incubators most weeks. We also have a young growing orchard, a bee hive and are currently establishing some vegetable gardens. We have recently moved into our home and are about to start establishing gardens around the house using natural farming methods and native plants.

    We have a young family and life can get very busy at times. We would love our WOOFERS to be able to work both with us in a team and also independently from us on the farm at times. Our working week is Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The work could include things like feeding up our stock (animals, sheep, goats, chickens and dogs), gardening, splitting wood, spreading natural fertilizers onto our pastures, aerating paddocks, grooming dogs, watering fruit trees, watering house trees, watering and weeding vegetable gardens, harvesting vegetables for eating in our home, repairing fences and building new fences, tending to our chickens and cleaning pens, collecting eggs, cleaning up around the farm or anything else that you would be comfortable doing.

    Four times a year we kill our own meat chickens for meat. Once a year we kill goats and lambs for our own meat too.

    We also sell fertile eggs, day old chicks and young pullets. Our eldest daughter shows chickens at local shows too.

    We are always willing to help those that come to our farm to learn new skills and extend their knowledge. We also love to learn from those around us and encourage those coming to stay to share their learned knowledge.

    During free time in our area¬† there are endless things to see and do. We are located between two historic Victorian towns. Beechworth and Chiltern. There is endless hours of Bush Walking. Mt Pilot lookout. Wooldshed Falls. Beechworth Gaol. Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail. Wineries. Lake Sambell. Burke Museum. Beechworth Historic Court House. Beechworth Historic Park. Bee School by Beechworth. The George. Beechworth Telegraph Station. The Ned Kelly Vault Museum. The Beechworth Township. Newtown Falls. The Golden Horseshoe Festival. Beechworth Chinese Gardens. Yeddonba Aboriginal Cultural Site. Mount Stanley. Chiltern Athenaeum Museum. Chiltern Lantern Tours. Bird watching. Bird Trails. Black Dog Creek Pottery. Chiltern Cherry Farm. Chiltern Honey Farm. Cyanide Dam and Honeyeater Picnic Park. And plenty more. This is an amazing area to spend time exploring. Beechworth and Chiltern hold some of Australia’s most rich history. These towns are located at our backdoor step.

    There are trains which travels between Melbourne and Sydney stopping at Chiltern.

    There are bus services between Chiltern and Wangaratta and Chiltern Wodonga.

    Organic/Biological methods we use

    We use natural farming methods at Granden Park. We do not support chemical use and we pride ourselves on slowly regenerating the farm using worm wee, aeration and paddock rotation. While this will take many years to develop we are slowly winning.

    We are full off grid solar powered. All our water we collect. Our septic system is a worm farm. We aim to be fairly self sufficient in the the next 5 years.

    We would love to be able to share this all with you.

    Special Conditions

    When you stay with us you will have the opportunity to stay in our home with our family including our 3 children ( 2 small ones and 1 older one). We will provide all meals and you will be given the opportunity to dine with our family. Rob was a chef for many years so we eat well.

    For WOOFERS with an international licence there may be the opportunity to use our farm vehicle to get around the local area on your days off.

    We always have free wifi internet available in the house.

    There is a taxi service that runs from Beechworth to our farm. It costs around $30-$40 each way.

    Skills WWOOFers can learn here

    Biodynamic practices & techniques, Gardening, Composting, Soil conservation, Worm farming, Animal care, Mustering, Fencing, Handyman

    My Details


    Donna Hall

    Partners Name

    Robert Hall



    The Stay

    Can Accommodate

    2 WWOOFers

    Preferred length of Stay

    Longer stays by negotiation, Whatever suits


    In Our Home, BYO Accommodation

    Other options

    Smoking allowed, No Smoking Inside, Children allowed by arrangement

    Meal Procedures

    Eat together

    Languages spoken


    Diets we cater for

    Meat, Gluten free

    Why I became a WWOOF Host

    To share our farm life with others.



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