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Hi Im Connie, I’m a science student at Unimelb and Ive been in Melbourne for more than a year now. Growing up in Hong Kong, I got of the restless city life. Sadly, after coming to Melbourne, I found myself living in the CBD. So to escape city life, I often go out of town just to breath fresh air, and if possible, to hike and camp. I like to socialize and have a chat with people because I think everyone is different with our own stories to share and it is a great way to learn about different culture and perspectives. Generally, I require a lot of personal space, so in my free time I often enter a retirement lifestyle, which is to read a book, listen to music and watch the news, preferably with a hot chocolate.

Apart from uni, I work casually as a workshop facilitator for high schools. The job gives me the opportunity to visit suburbs in Melbourne, and often towns in regional Victoria. Growing up in the city, it is fascinating for me to see fields and farms. I just stare at the fields and I feel calm. This is one of the reasons I wanted to join the program, to experience living in regional areas. I don’t have much experience with how farms operate, but Im keen to learn about it and work cooperatively with the hosts to assist the operation.

Why I joined WWOOF

I joined WWOOF to gain hands on experience on how farms operate, especially the ones with livestock involved. Studying science, my goal is to become a vet. So I wish to learn more about the agricultural industry and livestock production in Australia. I also wanted to try living in regional areas to see if it suits me, because Im going to spend a lot of time in these areas if I were to study vet science.

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