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Hello! I’m Georgie, I’m 33, Australian, and currently looking to travel and work across SA/NT/WA. I was working in tourism as a tour guide but COVID hit and I lost my job in March and have been unable to find work in the tourism field since. Since July, I have had to fall back on my skill sets in hospitality, housekeeping and hairdressing (on the side) at a mate’s pub in Pinnaroo SA (thankfully). I have my First Aid certificate, Working with Children (Ochre card), a Light Rigid SA license, RSA and Food Handlers certificate. I have 10+ years in administration experience, 15+ years in customer service and retail. My passion is guiding, being outdoors in nature, whether working, hiking or bicycling, yoga, walking, camping etc. I enjoy being amongst whilst learning about nature and love living in rural and remote environments. My hobbies and learning interests include Wicca, geology, ecology, Australian native flora and fauna, Australian indigenous culture, mythology, ancient civilisations, philosophy, science, healing and self-help, astronomy, tarot, astrology, reading, meditation, listening to music, watching/streaming content, painting, drawing and writing and dance. I am very happy in my own company and also enjoy an occasional social gathering with friends (but not big on drinking). I am polite, respectful, socially aware, empathic, joyful and easy to converse with, I enjoy learning new things, I’m an observant person, honest and concise. I like to work in psychically laborious, mentally challenging, socially and environmentally conscious jobs to keep fit and healthy in the mind, body and soul. I am a tidy and organised person with respect for others and my own property and material items.

Why I joined WWOOF

I wanted to see Australia and work with Aussie farmers as I enjoy the outdoor work and rural living, I hope to build a new skill set and learn more about rural living, agriculture and permaculture. I want to live a well-balanced life in work and play. Wwoofing seems like a great avenue to take to get enjoyment from life as well as being able to explore new natural environments.

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