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Hello my name is Genki, from Japan. I’m not good at speaking English but I love going traveling, so I’m open for other cultures and I know touching different culture is important for knowing who I am.

I worked fisherman after working on Japanese restaurant. So my carrier is closing on food. And Recently I more care about my food what I eat and health then before and I love working out and making dishes that’s so connect with it. Lately I’ve tried to do intermittent fasting and keto diet for making my physical condition better. And these days I feel so good. Good food can get good life. This is my favorite motto.

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Firstly I’m so interested in food and health issues and I think now days our food culture is going to be worse and worse, because of fast food and unhealthy atmosphere, for example too much sugar we take and unhealthy feeding life stocks we eat. And I believe what we eat is to be who we are, so if we eat too much unhealthy food, our body will be bad and the body becomes bad and our feeling will be bad. Mind is the most important thing for living our life as what we think and how to feel the world is so dependent on our mind. So I think if we want to change our own life being better, we should change our own eating habits. And WWOOF is good opportunities for me to connect with the food process. I want to change our bad food habits and make the world better!!

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