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Hello! My name is Georgia, 27, born in Australia, and in July I am moving to Alice Springs to teach at the Primary School Teacher. I have recently finished my Uni degree in Primary Education. I studied online while travelling the world over the last 5 years and became addicted to meeting new people and gettting to know new places. I returned to Australia in December after living in communities in Sweden/Scotland in 2019. I am fit and healthy and interested in a holistic approach to a peaceful life. I spent most of my early 20s working in fast paced Theatre Management career, largely behind a desk, and have been working to create a healthier balance in my life since then. I practice yoga and meditation, I swim, read, and spend time outdoors, and am interested in all philosophies, points of view and conversations

. I adore animals, children, plants and humans and am happy to help out wherever needed.

Why I joined WWOOF

I spent last year in Sweden living in a community based on social entrepreneurship and holistic health, including ecology and biodynamic gardening. This wasn’t my focus when I was there but I have a little bit of experience helping out in the gardens here and also in Findhorn Eco Village in Scotland. I am interested in deepening my understanding and practical experience organic/biodynamic gardening/land management, to use in my teaching and also for myself and to use one day (hopefully soon!) to fulfil my dream of living sustainably on my own land.

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