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    Being born on a remote small island in the Philippines, I have always been fascinated anything about nature in all aspects which brought me to explore by travelling to other places to observe the natural environment of plants. Since I moved to New Zealand 19 years ago, my interests in tropical edible plants has become more intense that I like to learn more about them. I am currently working in a dairy processing manufacturing plant and to use up my accumulated annual leave from work I travel to destinations where nature and plants coexist. Nature has influenced my personality that I am adaptable and down to earth.

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    Joining WWOOF has always been a fulfilling experience to accomplish my desire to learn anything in sustainable living without affecting the balance of nature. On the other hand it is as much a satisfaction to meet same minded people who are doing the same for the environment. The learning outcomes from this social interaction is important to shape everyone’s personality for the better.

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    Francisco Fazon

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