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Hi! I’m Fran, an Australian in my early twenties. I just finished my studies in Canberra and am now on a gap year. I’ve been working as a ski instructor and living in Jindabyne for the last few months and excited to be looking for my next move in regional NSW.

I’ve had lots of experience with horses and love riding, I’m a hard worker and keen to learn more about farming practices. In my spare time I love hiking and running. Looking forward to connecting with you!

Why I joined WWOOF

WWOOFing is an awesome way to connect with new people and experiences. As I’m on my gap year at the moment I’m really open to learning and gaining new skills, especially with the hope of having my own farm one day. I love being outdoors and doing practical work, so this is a great platform and opportunity to connect willing workers with experiences like this.

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Frances Potter

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