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I work partime in a plant shop and my favourite thing about that is when I get to talk to someone really interesting and when we have a delivery cause then there’s alot to do.

I moved out of home this year and got myself a good job and my own apartment. However I am missing the sun and need some excersise bad. Iā€™d like to downsize my life, and have already decked out my lovely apartment with a worm farm, veggies on balcony, some mushrooms in the cupboard, god forbid I’m even fostering a rabbit. Might eat it idk. Don’t worry hes staying behind I don’t think he would last long on a farm anyway.

I have worked in landscaping for a year so I know what it’s like to work in the sun and I’m still keen. Have me over at your place and you won’t regret it. I’m all ears and can’t wait to learn more about permaculture and organic farming. šŸ˜

Why I joined WWOOF

To work on a cute farm and be a peasant working outdoors and eating healthy food, away from pollution.

It really seems like the most enjoyable way to avoid covid and maybe I will learn a thing or two about and gardening and self sufficiency.

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Jess Berry

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