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I am on a 5 month trip to Australia, New Zealand and who knows where else! I love be the outdoors and have a passion for protecting the natural land around us. I will be hiking around 800 miles of the Te Araroa trail in New Zealand and hiked 1300 miles on the PCT in 2017. One day I want to build my own home using sustainable methods. It could be a tiny house on wheels, log cabin, Earthship or tree house! I hope to gain skills that can make this dream a reality. I also hope to have as little of an impact on my land and be more self sufficient then I currently am. Thanks for your time and hope to see you soon!

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The reason I joined Wwoof was so that I can make connections with people around the world and see what it is like to step into someone else’s shoes. Also to gain knowledge to help better mine and my families lives

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