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    Greetings dear stranger, the name is Sikai and coming from a very small town Xiaoshan located in southeast China, this is my fifth year here traversing the wild lands of Australia. Some of my other most salient social identities: I’m 21 years old, currently doing a bachelor of psychology degree at ANU, but soon to be transferred into a visual arts degree, or at least hopefully : ) as a child I was an avid reader and explorer of nature (thanks to my parents who were always out and about on weekends), but I have since developed a burning passion for all forms of music and arts as well. I can be social but I still value solitude as a vital part of wellbeing. I love all things mythical and esoteric, surreal or even grotesque. My favourite historical eras include the caveman periods, medieval & the viking age, early victorian and the wild west where outlaws and cowboys roamed about! I listen to metal rock country techno indie punk pop blues country classical basically everything except for jazz or rap. Favourite painters include Egon Schiele, Von Gogh, Klimt, Edward Munch, etc. Recently studying Jefferey Smart, Edward Hopper, Salvador Dali and Giorgio de Chirico. I’m almost always up for a chat about music or anything remotely art-related!

    Why I joined WWOOF

    Stupid depression hit me like a truck in the last few years but I’ve been fighting it with all my mental strength! Now that I feel almost fully recovered I’m ready to go out and establish a new relationship with the world : ) To do this I’d like to spend more time and reconnect with nature, and to realise my childhood dream of being a cowboy or just a outdoorsman really. I’ve also wanted to escape from the enclosure of mega-cities. I’d also love to gain some first-hand experience with ‘animal husbandry’ and just make friends with some horses sheep goats or cows. Oh and also I studied Impressionism in high school and I cant wait to start a few new landscape paintings!

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    Sikai Zhu

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    Student Visa



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    English, Chinese

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    Animal Care, Mustering, Fencing, Building, Using and caring for tools, Wild food foraging


    All food


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