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We are Marco & Evi, a young couple from the Netherlands. Evi has quit her -social work- job to fulfill her life dream of traveling and Marco is on a 6 month sabbatical to join this dream. We’re easy going and kind people, we’re very dependable and not afraid to tackle any kind of work. Maybe we don’t have a lot of special skills, but we do have lot’s of ok skills 😉 and most important; ready to learn.

We both like to live a healthy kind of life. We try to live consiously, by being kind to mother earth, ourselves and others. That’s why we mostly eat veggie.

We are especially interested in living organically and gaining skills to create a sustainable way of life, as we would want to create our own in the future.

Why I joined WWOOF

Wwoof is a nice way to learn from people, countries & cultures and a great opportunity to expand our skills and take them for our own future. It also helps to lower the costs off course, so that we can travel a little longer.

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Evi Hendriks

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