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    Myself, Matt and our 2 young daughters have left our home in the northern rivers NSW to unite as a family, to travel Australia and to experience the diversity of our country. We greatly value communal living, self-inquiry and conscious parenting, and we wish to connect with like-minded people and other families on our journey. We feel that living and working with others is rewarding and fulfilling on many levels.

    Before embarking on our adventure, we were part of a family co-op and have both lived in Ashrams. We recently owned a 12 acre Bush property in Mullumbimby that gave us a great experience of living on the land and off-grid.

    Esther I am a warm, creative, quirky, woman and mother of 2 wonderful young daughters, aged 2 & 5. I am a seeker in search of authentic ways that I can connect with myself, others and nature. I love animals, music, creativity, dance, art, craft and spending time in nature. I enjoy being part of community and the co-creation that can arise from it. I thrive on growing and learning in an environment that values and support each member and I’m happy to work hard to realise the dream of communal living. I also really need and appreciate time alone to recharge and connect with myself.

    During past experiences of communal living, I have helped out with Bush regen, organic gardening, general cleaning and food preparation. I worked in cafes for many years as well as some fruit picking before becoming a primary school teacher. Working for 10 years before having my children. Raising them has been my focus since then. Now I am also wanting to explore how I can contribute to ways of living and working together to create a life and future that is sustainable, nurturing & meaningful for myself and others.

    Matt: I am a 50yr old family man who stays young through regular yoga practice, exercise & meditation. I love nature and living sustainably is of utmost importance to me. My work career started as a civil engineer where I worked in construction and water engineering. Projects included road building, earthworks, constructed wetlands, water reuse and water sensitive urban design.

    My recent years of work have been as a yoga teacher, yoga therapist & massage therapist and I have personally explored many therapies and modalities and I am now a certified somatic inquiry facilitator. I have lived in yoga ashrams in Australia & India where I have experienced plenty of communal living and work.

    My hobbies include; having a vegie garden, surfing, bush walking, renovating, dancing, psy trance, self-development and spirituality. I am friendly but enjoy my quite space. I am logical, thorough and love to get jobs done efficiently. I try to balance talking with being a good listener and I love to meet new people of any nationality or culture.

    We are travelling in a self sufficient caravan without a toilet so would need access to toilet, shower and water. Power is not essential as we have solar.

    Why I joined WWOOF

    To learn more about living sustainably, to explore Australia and to connect with like-minded people. We want to learn more about organic gardening. Ideally we’d love to volunteer for a family or community that also has children so that they can be together. We would like our children to be part of the activities and events .

    Our family are looking to volunteer with likeminded, hardworking people who share a passion for mother nature, connection, family and traversing the ups and downs of life. We are ready to work ASAP and happy to stay on for a while if it works of all.

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