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We are sisters (20 and 23) from South Australia. We are both very laid back, easy-going and friendly people who are excited for new adventures and experiences. Emma: I have just finished a Bachelor of Psychology degree and am now taking time off to have fun and travel in the second half of this year! WWOOFing excites me as an opportunity to experience and and learn new things with specific reference to these two passions of mine. Julia: finished high school in 2019 and was hoping to go travelling in 2020 (then 2021) but obviously didn’t get to. She has a great love and respect for animals and the environment and is hoping to start studying Veterinary Science next year.

Why I joined WWOOF

We are looking forward to having the chance to experience new places in the world. WWOOFing sounds like a great way to travel cheaply while being environmentally conscious! We are taking some time off post high school and university to do something different and interesting, see new places and gain new skills and experiences. We are very excited by the opportunities that WWOOFing offers in seeing different parts of Australia and learning unique skills and knowledge from new people. We are both very passionate about and interested in sustainability and learning new and better ways to live and work with the earth.

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