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Hey 🙂 I Emil, originally from Sweden but now find myself exploring the world to the fullest of my ability. Like most Swedes, I’m a bit introverted but open and friendly to anyone I come across in life. Being kind and showing empathy towards everyone is something I value above most things.

I’ve never really preferred the fast-paced shallow traditional travel, rather the idea of slow travel and the depth that comes with it.  Spending more time in each location in order to fully immerse into the people and culture. Thus, I prefer working and living with a smaller group in order to truly get to know people.  I’m not travelling to put some nice photos on the internet, but rather with memories in my heart and endless stories to tell.

I spent the majority of my teenage years as a runner, something that fell apart towards the end of high school. Even though I do not run like before there is certainly always something running within. With my calm and reserved nature comes interest like writing and pondering about life itself. I purchased a polaroid camera last year which I bring out occasionally to capture rare life moments. The last 3 years after high school was spent working in fast food while and travel whenever I got the chance too. Although my footprint on social media is rather low I do use the internet for educational purposes. Recently starting dabbling in Webb design and blogging.

I spent a year at community college studying personal and nutritional coaching as well as massage therapy. Last year I spent time in Canada working as a camp counsellor, a truly unique experience of its own. In general, I do not have much gardening and farm experience. Occasionally basic maintenance in the garden of my parents or that one time we planted some trees in Nepal. However, I’m keen on learning new things and not afraid to break a sweat or get dirty.

Good things take time and are not something one can achieve when sprinting through life. Some would call me an old soul in how I pursue things, but with the right mindset, one can go far.  Have a good day!


Why I joined WWOOF

Whenever I choose to settle down in life there are certain skills which would be beneficial to know. One of them being the basics of farm work, maybe someday I would want to have a small organic farm of my own. But WWOOF is more than what meets the eye, I believe it’s sharing of stories and skills in life overall. This is an opportunity to learn but also to teach, which is beneficial for both parties involved. If there’s on thing I want to be remembered for and to bring to this world it is kindness.

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Emil Hampus Arrandir Eriksson

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