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Hi! I studied gender studies and French at uni before graduating from baking school! I have a lot of interests ranging from baking to dancing to writing etc. My favourite academic disciplines are gender studies, religious studies, philosophy, sociology, and the like. I own a few different plants, most of which have names like Manfred, Daisy, and Allison. =)

Why I joined WWOOF

I currently work at a utilities company and it’s helped me to learn that I love working outside in the fresh air and getting exercise as I work. I want to spend more time with plants and animals and learn more about how to look after them, specifically ducks and goats if possible — I’d be interested in owning both someday, but want some hands-on experience with them first. I grew up with chickens and a horse.

My parents used to make their own grape juices, applesauce, fruit preserves, bread, ketchup, and even a syrup made with bark from a hickory tree! I’m interested in doing more sustainable cooking, eating, and preserving, and working with ingredients from the soil to the table.

When I was in Singapore a few months ago I visited a bar that uses as many local ingredients as possible to design cocktails native to the area, such as jackfruit or hibiscus flavoured drinks. They also used locally-sourced products to make their coasters, cups, and most other things in the bar! I really admire that philosophy.

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