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    Hi I’m Meike. I’m 19 years old and right now I just travel through Australia with my working holiday visa exploring this beautiful country. In Germany I live with my parents and my little brother in a town near Cologne. There I already worked as a waitress for a year and as a cashier for a half year. In my free time I like to read many books, I really read a lot. Moreover I go riding for nearly 10 years now and a couple of years ago I had two rabbits. At home I ride a really sweet iceland horse named Glofaxy.

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    I joined WWOOF, because I wanted to explore Australia in a diffrent way than just in backpacker hostles. Also I liked the idea of staying at farms and really meeting local people. Additional I like animals and the natur a lot and so I thought that organic farms could fit to me. I hope that I learn more about animal caring and how such farms work.

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    Meike Goergens

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