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Hi! I’m Emi from Japan. Full time mom to a 5 yo boy in Tokyo. We used to live in New York, US for my husband’s job till 2018. Since then my son and I traveled many places and found out how good for us to live in nature. Last winter we stayed in an eco village in south India, and volunteered at daycare center for a month, which was a great experience for both of us. I love cooking, crafting, meeting new people, and planting, I have tiny garden in my apartment. My son is a healthy and friendly boy who loves to play with other kids. He’s also quite independent as of his age, and understands basic English.

Why I joined WWOOF

I’d like to join WWOOF to learn about organic ecology life style. Also I hope I could experience a life in other places where I can feel nature in daily basis. When I was in high school, I stayed with a Malay Family in Malaysia for a year. It wasn’t always easy and happy to stay in other people with other culture, but it turned to be an amazing experience for my life after all. I am expecting something similar for WWOOF.

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