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I’m originally from Chicago, and have been in Australia since November 2020. I’m currently doing my Masters in Social Work, which is a field I’m super passionate about.

I have a lot of hobbies, including cooking, singing, yoga, theater, running and martial arts.

I love trying new things and broadening my horizons. I’m considerate and laid back, but also eager to get to work and help out on your farm.

Why I joined WWOOF

I’ve always been interested in farming but never really had the chance to get into it. I’m interested in crops, livestock, food, beekeeping, winemaking, and just about everything that takes place on a farm.

I’m also eager to travel around Australia, especially outside of the cities. I’m especially interested in visiting Tasmania. I look forward to helping out and learning new skills on your farm, and to having a great time with awesome people. I also hope that I can be helpful to you in a time when there’s not too many travelers around.

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