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Hellloo! I’d rather talk than type. BUT I’ve got an idea to travel from home in Melbourne, cross country in my caravan (in any direction) to hopefully end up in Perth. Where I’ve got a connection for a job, as a carpenter.

Buttt last year when I went on a trip to South America… I never made it. 4 months in Central America, another 3 sailing across the Paficic Ocean and a couple more months road tripping around New Zealand… 🤷‍♂️

In short, I’m more than happy getting caught up doing fun stuff along the way. I’d like to get to know this big ol country and some of the people doing good stuff in it.

Why I joined WWOOF

I didn’t look past that first question haha. I guess I explained most of it? I’ve got some skills that could be useful to WWOOF hosts, but more than anything to keep on learning. To explore and be inspired by different ways of living

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