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Diana Patricia Osorio

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I am a certified inbound yoga teacher, mindfulles and yoga teacher for children. I am also certified in the basic principles of Ayurveda. As a hobby apart from traveling. I like reading and learning. I am a friend of adventure and adrenaline, which I enjoy within the limits of prudence. I am passionate about animals, defender of their well-being and my favorites are dogs. I like to do yoga, teach yoga and walk with my dogs. I enjoy being at home reading and watching TV. I like fresh and healthy food, I don’t eat anything spicy and I like to cook I don’t smoke, I don’t drink liquor even though I like to party and dance. Of my personality I am very neat and clean, fulfilling my commitments and right there demanding with the commitments of others.

Why I joined WWOOF

From the cultural exchange I would like to share knowledge and experiences that allow me to grow people. Also, I want to know a lifestyle closer to nature.

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Diana Patricia Osorio

Visa Type/Citizenship

Tourist Visa





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Languages I speak

English, Spanish

Skills I would like to learn

Organic Practices, Animal Care, Marketing produce


Vegetarian, Vegan


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