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10 hectare Organic Certified property recently purchased 5 hectares of fruit trees some very old some new and a lot of dead ones, on the front of the property there is a large shed that was used as a commercial spray painting business, inside that shed one end has a living area currently getting expanded to two bedroom, that is where myself and WWOOFers will stay. There is a house on the property but the plan is to rent it out to take the burden of the loan away. The property was purchased buy my Nona and Nono in the 50s and then sold to my uncle in 2000, so as I purchase the farm I will be carrying on the farming tradition 75 years later.

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3-7 days, Longer stays by negotiation


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Mixed meals, some meat, some vegetarian

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Since buying the property I have realized that working full time as a carpenter and trying to work the farm on weekends is just not enough manpower to achieve my goals with the farm, and quite frankly I am falling behind trying to do both. Once a few immediate things are achieved I want the focus of the farm to be educational and fun



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