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Hobbies: Bikepacking, Urban Agriculture, Seedling Propagation, Wicking Bed Construction, Surfing and Fishing, Living simply within my means….. Qualifications: Permaculture Design Certificate, Horticulture Certificate III (unfinished) , Degree in Environment and Water, Volunteer Bike Repair Technician, Football Coach

Why I joined WWOOF

I recently completed a permaculture design course and am looking to improve my practical skills by working at a few host farms to be involved with how they operate. I’m a keen bikepacker and plan to combine these two endeavors as part of a trip around the eastern portion of Australia next year. This is all after working for a number of years in the professional office environment so I am keen to mix things up, get outside on the end of a shovel and make things grow. Ultimately I want a sustainable, food producing property of my own and as there are many different ways of achieving this I want to fully understand the best options before taking the plunge for myself.

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Aust/NZ Citizen





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Aust Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria


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