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Hi there guys, my name is Dan, an Kiwi who has spent the past 10 years off and on in Sydney. Growing up in the South West coast of New Zealand, the outdoors and living off the land have always been something that feel natural to me.

While my career as an Art Director meant that It was essential for me to be based in a city, I have often broken away and taken years off to reconnect with nature.

This has lead me to live in several different parts of the world including Africa, Europe and South America, while also exploring as many tiny corners of the world as I can, each time immersing myself in the countries traditional connection to their land, their styles of architecture and understanding in sustainability.

Why I joined WWOOF

Having spent the best part of the past two decades working in marketing, I have decided I want to genuinely upskill myself in sustainable practices, permaculture and better understandings in alternative living.
This is all in the goal of setting up my own eco community most likely in Northern New Zealand.

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Daniel Walton

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Aust/NZ Citizen



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New Zealand


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