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    Hello! We’re Dana (25) and Joel (24), two backpackers from the UK who are travelling together. We met in Melbourne in 2019 and have been travelling together since. We’re an adventurous easy going couple who are very keen to gain new experiences and meet new people around the world. Dana: I’m a qualified Early Years Teacher, who is positive and cheerful. I love children, the elderly, animals and the planet but I especially love the ocean and sea life. I spend time working out, meditating and doing yoga. I also spend time learning about how to make money online because I want to travel the world constantly. I am an outdoor girl at heart. I spend a lot of time reading. I live to love, travel and learn new things along with pushing myself. I’ve recently just bought a sewing machine, I’m hopeless at it but I will persevere. Joel: I’ve been doing Carpentry/construction since school. I enjoy what I do but I’m looking forward to trying something new! Recently I have been doing a bit of foraging which I’m really enjoying. I have little experience in beekeeping but this is something I’d love to learn more about. We both enjoy hiking, nature, traveling, cooking, laughing and beach days. We both are really hard working and respectful friendly team players. We don’t mind getting our hands dirty and being involved! We love animals and feel working with them would (ease the pain of us leaving our dogs at home) give us a better insight into the animal itself and all of the practices used to care for them. During our time in Australia we have met many different interesting people, this has been one of our highlights to backpacking this beautiful country. We look forward to meeting many more along the way. We love to socialise but also like our own space at times.

    Why I joined WWOOF

    We both fundamentally believe we must open avenues that will assist us in learning important life skills regarding nature, food, sustainability and living a healthy life. We wish to see new beautiful places, plants, animals and really just making great memories with friends whilst doing our 6 months regional work. We feel Wwoof will be a great opportunity for us to do this.  

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