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Hi everyone, my name’s Damien, a young french guy of 24 years old.

I’m someone who enjoy to watch movies, series such as Game of Thrones (even if the end was a bit disappointing in my opinion…), Vikings, Peaky Blinders, Band of Brothers and some animes (for example One piece). I also like to read books about history and fantasy and play videogames (Overwatch). In addition I do enjoy to drink beers with my friends in pubs and tail stories.

About my personality, I believe that I am someone openminded but a little shy when it comes to speak in a foreign language. I am someone very curious who enjoy to discover new cultures, languages and get new knowledge. According to my friends my most powerfull character trait is that I always try to be helpful.

About my professional life, I have been graduated recently with a master degree in human resources management. I used to work as a HR development officer for an Airbus subsidiary called “Matra Électronique” for a year. Before that I also made an intership with an american tempory agency named “Manpower”.

Why I joined WWOOF

The WWOOF program seems to be an awesome human experience according to some of my friends who made it few years ago in Aussie. They told me many stories about it, how they discovered the australian culture as close as they might be from the population, how they improved their skills in english and how it was valuable for them as a life experience. For the same reasons, I sincerely wish to be part of this program. I’m convinced it will help me to improve my english which is a bit rusted. And at the same time, it would allow me to discover a new job in connection with the fauna and flora and diversify my skills. In exchange of course I will do my best with all my abilities to achieve the tasks you will asign me.

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