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cousin Marie Caroline

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Hi dear Aussie We are a family off 4 members;Johan a boy off 8 years,Meline a girl off 10 years ,Bertrand 41 years hoe is woorking like technicien in the security off bank and I(Marie Caroline)i m physiothérapist and i m woorking with persons hoe have neurologic diseases. In march 2020 we are making a break with hour usual life for 6 month … And we wich to discover other way off life and woorking in the natur and respect her. We have a lot off motivation and curiosity about Australia and the different job. Your child are also ready for a big adventur and they now tha we aren’t going to be with them during fwew hours by day.They are in off respectfull and independant for thid project. We don’t have plan for this moment and we are gooing to follow our feelings with the meet. I m really exciting about the experience and the exchange during some days or some weeks… At home we like to have friends an d family toshare good moments and food and party and games.. Also we like to going we our campingcar in the montains or in the campaign for take the time to be together and walk and make picnic.. With hope to meet you soon and help you in your project. Cousin family;Johan,Meline?bertrand and Marie Caroline

Why I joined WWOOF

We like to make woofing because for us is a way off travel that we like;slow travel exchange woorking sharing helping peopel and i hoop a lot off memories.. We want to shaw to ours child different way off life open our mind And learn a lot off experiences off woork but not only, about person and family. For be the best way to be blooming is to make utility job and help each other. Voila…

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cousin Marie Caroline

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Molard Bertrand



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