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S: A Cooperative builder who’s passionate about socially driven economies and working to improve society and the environment. I grew up on a farm and racing, and relax with dirt and grease under my fingernails. The skills I enjoy practicing are: Gardening and Composting. Building motorbikes, restoring cars, fixing heavy plant equipment. Carpentry, woodwork and building houses. Teaching social enterprise/co-ops and assisting social centric businesses scale up. I love a pun, even if I’m the only one who laughs. Good humour makes everything better!

J: Architect turned Placemaker into intentional communities, zerowaste and regeneration. I’m founder of a social enterprise in circular food waste recovery in cities (love composting & worm farming) and keen to learn more about what really good soil really looks like, permaculture food systems and preserving food. I have 2 kids, Elia who is 7 and Reuben who is almost 9, and we’re an outdoorsy sporty bunch who love the bush, beach and snow. Being city bound means we don’t get out to the countryside as much as we like, and we’re off camping or travelling the first chance we get. When I get free time I’m always pottering around the garden, experimenting with recipes, planning ski trips, dancing, cycling or on the motorbike. Currently doing an intro to urban farming course.

Why I joined WWOOF

S: A project I’m immersed in is focused on food waste landfill diversion, and its making me miss my farm days. My rural property in Flowerdale is a bit limited and I’m running out of projects there, so I’d love to get back into farm life and agricultural production.

J: I used to WWOOF solo 12 years ago and had a blast, met some incredible people in amazing places. Always had the intention to do it again, and the kids are finally older and ready!

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